Good Questions: Surface Repair for this Bureau?

Good Questions: Surface Repair for this Bureau?

Maxwell Ryan
Oct 29, 2007

Hello AT,

I recently bought an art deco bureau dresser from a woman here in New York. I don't know anything about the piece other than she told me it had been appraised for $1000. However, there is quite a bit of damage to the surface of the piece - scratches, nicks, some discoloration in parts, and one of the shell-shaped handles on the drawers is missing.

Does anyone know if a) There's a way to repair or diminish the surface damage myself?...

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b) How much it might cost to get the piece professionally refinished?

c) are there any recommendations for furniture repair places in New York that would best handle this type of work for a reasonable price?

The inside of the bureau is cedar and in very good shape. I think the color and detailing in the wood is lovely, and I see so much potential! If anyone has any insight into caring for/repairing art deco furniture, it would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks! Cambria

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