Good Questions: Great Colors for my New Apt?

Good Questions: Great Colors for my New Apt?

Maxwell Ryan
Nov 1, 2007

Hello AT,

I found a great deal on an apartment on UES.

The only catch would be I would have to live in a living room with a roommate in a 1 bedroom apartment. The thing is, I'm lost how to decorate it, in order to make it pleasing and inviting...

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It's a small space so I'm afraid coloring the walls chocolate would make it seem smaller. I need it set up so that two people can live there feeling comfortable. I haven't found someone to live with me in the living room so having them *want* to be there is essential.

What do you suggest the color of my walls/furniture to be? I'm planning on taking lots of furniture from garage sales so it needs to be the basic colors (black, white, brown, gold wood, dark wood, etc).

I'm not sure which colors are acceptable to match with another when it comes to furniture. Would it look weird if I had two different shades of wood? etc etc.

Thanks! Youngin

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