Good Questions: How Do We Pull All The Colors Together?

Good Questions: How Do We Pull All The Colors Together?

Maxwell Ryan
Nov 2, 2007

Hello AT,

This weekend, my boyfriend and I are moving from a sublet situation into our very first place that is truly ours to decorate with our eclectic mix of mid century and modern tastes. It's an open layout with stainless steel appliances, so we bought the couch shown in dark gray...

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We wanted to compliment the appliances, while contrasting with all the natural colors of the mid century modern pieces. But, we have 2 mid century chairs that are upholstered in an orange fabric (not too bright, not too muted).

Neither one of us are really skilled at selecting rugs or curtains. How do we pull all the colors together? Please help!

Thanks! Kara

Dear Kara,

A few more pics would help, but here are a few rules of thumb to guide you:

1. Keep the family together - colors live in families and if you can find an inspirational source - either a picture or an object - that contains the family of colors you are trying to work with, it can guide you. For example, if you have a rug you love with a number of colors within it, pulling all your colors from that one object will ensure that everything works well together.

2. When in doubt with windows, go white - we fall back on white shades and curtains all the time and never have any regrets.

3. Go for contrast - when you are putting furniture next to rugs next to your floor, make sure there is contrast. If your sofa is neutral medium, go with a dark, colorful rug. Don't go with a neutral, medium rug or it will all blend together. As a guiding rule try to make sure you see variation in shade and contrast throughout your room: dark to lights, color to neutrals (and whites).

Anyone else??

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