Good Questions: Non-Permament Bathroom Floor?

Good Questions: Non-Permament Bathroom Floor?

Maxwell Ryan
Nov 6, 2007

Hello AT,

I live in a rental apt and i HATE my bathroom floor (gray tiles with dirty grout.. can never get it to look clean). I've been trying to figure out cheap and non-permanent ways to cover the ugliness.

Stopped by Home Depot yesterday to research some ideas - discovered Trafficmaster. There was a customer standing there raving about the Cherry-colored wood planks - said it took him 2 hours to lay it down, it doesn't stick to your floor at all (just layers itself together so it's 1 piece) and it looks really impressive. Plus, it would only cost me $50 for the whole project...

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I've read other rave reviews online, but was wondering if anyone has used it here at AT:NY.

Also, does anyone have any other ideas? I was also thinking of teak wood tiles surrounded by stones for a 'spa effect' but couldn't figure out how to regularly clean the stones.

Thanks! Miss

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