Good Questions: The Best Layout for Our Living Room?

Good Questions: The Best Layout for Our Living Room?

Maxwell Ryan
Nov 8, 2007

Hello AT,

We need help laying out our living room. We don't want to invest in new furniture, but we want to create a cozy, welcoming space by arranging our old furniture. We are willing to add or eliminate some color, by buying a side and/or centre coffee table and at least one pouf...

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Here are some other thoughts. The door to the balcony and the fireplace are elements we cannot change, so we need to accept the natural segmentation of the room created by them. I think that the piano fits the wall perfectly. I love and need my magazine rack in front of the window; I could paint the rack or change the curtains.

Another idea is to build a bookcase around the TV-Audio unit, so that our books (still in carton boxes since we moved in) start living with us. Before doing that, we need to choose the layout of the room first. The big beige sofa is the one on which we relax or work with laptops, so it should be facing the TV-Audio unit and there should be a pouf to stretch our legs out in front of it. However, I cannot imagine which shape the pouf should be. The almost square space between the sofas is too big to put a big pouf/coffee table.

Now the questions:
What would be the best layout? What kind and shape of poufs and coffee tables would suit the room? Any ideas of enhancing the color scheme based on the available pieces?

I will be very happy to hear new ideas and promise to share the cure afterwards.

Thanks! Dory

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