Good Questions: Marital Dispute - Minka's Aire Acero or Artemis?

Good Questions: Marital Dispute - Minka's Aire Acero or Artemis?

Maxwell Ryan
Nov 8, 2007

Hello AT,

I'm hoping you all can help with our marital dispute. I bought this Minka Aire Acero ceiling fan a year ago. I liked that it was clean and simple. I have no regrets about the quality, but I don't love the look...

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I feel like the dark brown of the motor housing doesn't match the warmer, lighter tones of the ceiling. The rich brown of the blades is nice, but still pretty dark, and you can't really see them when the fan is on, so when it's running, all you see is the dark brown motor housing.

We're doing construction in the loft area and need to buy another ceiling fan now. My husband thinks this fan is fine where it is, and we should buy another one of the same for the new space. I think we should move this fan to the new space and replace this with a fan that is lighter colored with a less obtrusive motor housing.

The fan I found is the Artemis (blogged about on AT), also by Minka, in maple. While we don't have maple elsewhere in the house, I like the warm, but light coloring, and I love the fact that the motor housing is fully clad in the maple finish, so it would not stand out.

My husband thinks that the Artemis, because of it's unusual modern styling, would stand out like a sore thumb. We're both aiming for the same goal: a simple fan that isn't especially noticeable, but we're at odds about which fan achieves this effect.

My question is which fan do you prefer better? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! David

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