Good Questions: Best Kitchen Layout Plan?

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Hello AT,

Help! I can't decide. I'm remodeling my apartment. I have a 17' by 15' space that serves as a living room, dining area, and kitchen. I'm debating between two options...

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The advantage of option 1 is that I get an intimate seating area, which I would like. I'd have to shorten the wall beside the fridge because as it is the furniture would block the flow.

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In option 2 the space is more open, but when guests would be over, they'd be sitting in a row like birds on a wire. On the plus side, you'd walk in and see a big (hopefully it will be beautiful) bookcase.

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I've gotten a lot of inspiration from AT and I know the readers are great. I'd love to hear some opinions. Which option is better, or maybe you have a third option.

Thanks! Smile

Dear Smile,

For what we can see of your plans, we'd go with #1, as it will give you two distinct parts to your room - both of them cozy. It will also, as you say, be a far nicer view from outside of the kitchen.

But what do others say?

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