Good Questions: Where's This Woven Chair From?

Good Questions: Where's This Woven Chair From?

Maxwell Ryan
Nov 14, 2007

Hello AT,

Can you help me find this chair?

I've been looking everywhere for a round woven chair with metal legs, just like this one to go in a currently unloved corner of my living room. I've also seen the same chair in a light brown color with (I think) a slightly denser weave on the wicker...

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Can you tell me who makes it? Is it vintage or new? I can't turn one up on ebay or Craig's List, but maybe I'm not using the right search terms. The photo is from Design Sponge sneak peek of Sarah Blanchard's beautiful house.

Thanks! Lisa

Dear Lisa,

We, too, have seen this chair a lot lately and it's definitely a vintage design, though it MUST have been reissued lately to be getting so much play.

Anyone have a positive ID on this one? AT Baseball cap for the answer here as well......

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