Good Questions: How Should I Hang These Heavy Drapes?

Good Questions: How Should I Hang These Heavy Drapes?

Maxwell Ryan
Nov 15, 2007

Hello AT,

I bought these great (super heavy) drapes at a consignment shop for $10 a panel, but the problem is I have no clue how to hang them.

Obviously, they're old school and I'm wondering if any of your readers know of a place in NYC (or online) where I can get the right rods--are they even supposed to hang on rods?...

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Do they still make rods for drapes like these?--because the ones I have now don't work. They're too thick.

Or should I change out the hooks? If so, where can I get hooks? Help! Any ideas?

I'm also dealing with a corner window. UGH. And, for the record, I'm keeping them and I like them so please no "Throw out those ugly drapes and buy new ones!" suggestions... =)

Thanks! Meghan

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