Good Questions: Where Can I Find Ripple-Fold Drapes?

Good Questions: Where Can I Find Ripple-Fold Drapes?

Maxwell Ryan
Nov 26, 2007

Hello AT,

I just moved into a new place and need ripple-fold drapes. I've looked around everywhere online - Zarin and Curtain Fair, but they both seem a little expensive. Is there anywhere else you would recommend?

I've attached a photo of my living room before we bought any furniture. I have great light all around the house, but trying to find drapes has been very difficult. Thanks! Zojirushi

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Dear Zojirushi,

Drapes ARE expensive, especially when you add up all the yardage that is required for ripple fold drapes. The best thing you can do is to go to Zarin or to Joe's Fabrics on Delancey and dig around for a cheap fabric that they have a lot of. But you'll need to look.

If you want REALLY CHEAP, however, and you like a rougher look, you can go down to Pear Paint and buy painter's canvas - it comes in large large sizes - which is cheap and plentiful.

The other route is to go to a place like Pottery Barn and buy their basic drapes in cotton or linen and put them all together. For the quality and price, they're pretty good and we buy a lot from them.

Otherwise, be prepared to pony up the $$, BUT also to be very pleased. And while we're on the subject, the place we go for custom curtains and blinds downtown is

Blinds and Beyond.

Anyone else?

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