Good Questions: A Screen For This Window?

Good Questions: A Screen For This Window?

Maxwell Ryan
Nov 27, 2007

Hello AT,

I love my cat, and don't want him to jump out the window and die. But fresh New York City air is healthy for humans and animals (and I want to be able to regulate the temperature in the apartment with something other than the heating/cooling units!)

The nitty-gritty is that I live on the fifth floor (no fire-escape) with windows that are about 20" wide by 85" tall and they open inward. They are not made to accommodate screens, although there may be some way to stick an expandable one in the groove whilst the window is open...

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Does anybody have any suggestions? Know of any genius screen- builder? The cat is super athletic and determined, so screens would have to be strong.

Thanks! Chelsea

Dear Chelsea,

This is a great question and there certainly has to be an answer, since so many New Yorkers have windows like yours as well as having cats (we have neither).

We guess that some cat owners will say that their cat doesn't need a screen because it never falls and others may be too stressed out by the prospect to open their windows. A screen would make the most sense and you can certainly get them custom made for your windows. Here are a few online links:

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