Good Questions: Should We Go Rouge on These Walls?

Good Questions: Should We Go Rouge on These Walls?

Maxwell Ryan
Nov 29, 2007

Hello AT,

The attached pictures are of our living/eating area.

It was painted blue before we moved in and neither my boyfriend or I are particularly partial to it, and are trying to decide what color to paint the walls.

We are leaning towards Rouge from Restoration Hardware (a pinkish/reddish hue that can be seen on their website), but everyone we've asked seems to think that the choice would be too bold...

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We definitely don't want beige/greige etc for this space, as there's enough neutral going on in other rooms, but on the other hand, don't want it to be overly loud, where the walls overwhelm everything else.

BTW, we are currently looking for a new sofa for the space that will be placed where the chairs are (ours didn't fit through the door), and were thinking about a svelte modern espresso leather one we saw as well as a rug. Any suggestions on that front would also be appreciated!

Oh, and the blue table was found in that color on the street and will be painted also and the 'artwork' is temporary and will be changed out with a large black and white work on canvas.

Thanks! Sprinkledpink

Dear Sprinkedpink,

We say that Rouge may work, but you really shouldn't decide anything until you try some colors ON YOUR WALL. Only that will give you the information you need to make a good decision.

Restoration has two shades of their red. We'd get a quart of each and also try a quart of another color from another company and put each one on your wall in order to decide.

We'd also suggest experimenting with a fake chair rail/two tone wall. We really like doing a darker color from the floor up to the height of the table and then a lighter color from there to the ceiling. That way you can get your bold color and not overwhelm the room.

Anyone else?

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