Good Questions: Bunking Arrangements Under Your Roof?

Good Questions: Bunking Arrangements Under Your Roof?

Grace Shu
Nov 26, 2007

Taking the Couch? The holidays bring families together--and sometimes their significant others. A few days ago, one of our friends called to chat about hosting her younger sister over holiday break, and she added, "She's bringing her schlubby boyfriend with her. Do you think I'm going to let them share a bedroom?"

(The answer: A very conservative no.) We were a bit surprised. After all, it was just a few years ago when this same friend was pitching a similar fit about her parents being "completely unfair and not cool" about her own bunking arrangements when she brought her boyfriend home. Apparently, marriage and impending child-rearing had made our friend sympathetic to her parents' logic. What do you think? Any tips on how to discuss this situation?

Photo from CB2, featuring the Lubi Daybed

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