Good Questions: Nook Bed or Case Study?

Good Questions: Nook Bed or Case Study?

Maxwell Ryan
Dec 3, 2007

Hello AT,

We are deciding on a queen size bed and have narrowed it down to two. The wonderful guacamole nook bed by Bluedot and the case study v leg bed at DWR.

As you can see the green nook bed is delicious, but we haven't seen it in person and have some questions for any of you who have seen it or own it. Evidently the nook bed is quite popular and is on backorder everywhere so we're hoping someone here owns one!

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Our specific questions: Nook Bed--is it well made and can it stand up to various bedroom activities? Though I've looked at the specs no where does it talk in detail about the platform. Can the mattress breathe? We don't want our mattress getting stuffy & moldy (a real problem with some platforms!)

How does Bluedot furniture in general hold up? Has anyone ever ordered from DesignPublic? Any comments about either bed is appreciated!

Thanks! Timmy

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