NY Good Questions: Recommendations on Bathtubs?

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Hello AT,

I just purchased a tenement-style 1 br downtown, which apparently means the toilet's in the closet and the bathtub's in the living room.

Before I move in I would like to renovate the bathroom, putting a toilet, tub, and sink all together in 1 room. However, I want to do this in as small a footprint as possible and also keep some of the diagonal wall's window in the living room...

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I have found what seems to be the perfect tub, the avocado tub, but I need help a) finding it in the U.S. and b) finding other similar options.

I have a few months to complete this, but since everything must be approved by my co-op, I want to move as fast as possible and would love everyone's help.

Thanks! Alexis

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