Good Questions: How Do I Organize This Area?

Good Questions: How Do I Organize This Area?

Rebecca Orlov
Sep 16, 2008

When maximizing space, it's a creative challenge to find room for all of your cherished belongings let alone day-to-day things, like cleaning supplies. ATLA reader, joe_g, sent us a question asking for help on how to conceal these products.

"Hi AT, I really need your help! I enjoy my outdoor patio to relax and entertain friends. I also need to keep my cleaning supplies out there, like the broom, mop etc., since I have no room inside. This narrow section of the patio is perfect for the supplies but they are such an eye sore. Any ideas on how to conceal them? Obviously they are tall and most storage units I have found to put them in are too bulky?"

We all can relate to finding a home for these everyday items that we use to keep our homes clean and fresh.

Any ideas or creative solutions for joe_g's outdoor space?

Here are more of Apartment Therapy's organizing solutions:

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