Good Questions: Color to Make Darker Pieces *Pop*?

Good Questions: Color to Make Darker Pieces *Pop*?

Heather Blaha
May 29, 2007

Hello AT friends,

I could use a few suggestions. I finally (finally) found an affordable alternative to my dream sofa (Niels Bendtsen's Neo), but I deluded myself into thinking the sofa's color was mushroom-y instead of the pale pistachio it is. Although you wouldn't be able to tell from my piss-poor camera phone pictures, I actually love color--just in smaller, more easily changed accessories...

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When I moved in my walls were a mango color. Pleasant enough, but not for me. Subsequently, I painted the walls a warm gray, something I thought would be a nice foil to the darker wood pieces I seem to gravitate towards.

My question: the gray isn't really working for me right now, and I want a fresher, more graphic look. What color would you guys recommend that would make my darker pieces *pop*?


Dear Nikki,

When you mentioned the pale pistachio sofa, we thought of Marilyn & Peter's Home Studio Harmony (last fall's color contest winners). They went light and bright with their wall colors, and while most of their objects aren't "dark," they have wood-y pieces and bright elements that really do pop against the white walls. Similarly, a white backdrop always allows accents, objects, and lines to seem more "graphic," which you are looking for.

If white is too simple for your tastes, how about a very, very light gray (as opposed to your darker choice). Or, we love the idea of this Sweet Pear color to make your darker woods and lines pop (maybe even just go for a wall or two, not the whole room).

Anyone else??

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