Good Questions: Earthquake-safe headboard art?

Good Questions: Earthquake-safe headboard art?

Mar 30, 2007

Hey there AT!

We just finished our little bedroom with wallpaper and some other light touches, but I have no bloody idea what to put up above our headboard. I'm concerned about anything falling on us in case of an earthquake. What would you put up there to go with the look of our nest? [more pics after the jump]

Cheers, Joanna

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Hi Joanna,

We get this question a lot; it's one of those unique-to-our-region design dilemmas. There's probably a small mint to be made by whoever figures out how to market earthquake-safe above-bed art.

We've advised previous askers of this question to consider fiber art or silk hangings, and many readers suggested stretching a beautiful piece of fabric across a light-weight wooden frame and hanging it using anti-fly-away hangers. One reader (heps) suggested painting a grid of colored squares on the wall. But since you included photos of your room we thought folks might want to get more specific and answer the question from an aesthetic point of view.

What specific kind of art or hanging would make this room sing without caboshing Joanna in an earthquake? Anyone?

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