Good Questions: Light Fixture for the Dining Room?

Good Questions: Light Fixture for the Dining Room?

Aaron Able
May 19, 2009

Hi Apartment Therapy, Attached is a pic of my dining area and portion of living space next door so you can see some of the colors/materials that share the joint space. I don't know why I'm having such a hard time finding a light fixture for over the dining table, but I am. The electrical box is also off center in the room and will be moved. I've debated using the Moooi random, but small seems too small and medium too big...

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The ceilings are standard 8' in the dining area and I'm also concerned about the medium hanging too low. Nothing I see feels perfect in size and feel (and price... I think $1k is my limit). The table is a little narrower than most at 34.5" (and 90" long)... another challenge when it comes to the "rule" that a light should be 12" narrower than the table. I'm not a rule follower, but I also don't want the light to totally overwhelm the table and room. Any advice on fixtures would be appreciated! Thanks, Lo

Who has suggestions for Lo?

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