Good Questions: Insight on Reproductions of Design Classics?

Good Questions: Insight on Reproductions of Design Classics?

Heather Blaha
Jun 14, 2007

Dear AT,

With all the internet vendors offering classic furniture reproductions, how do you really decide which are the best and most reliable to purchase from? This has been my dilemma having purchased a few bad apples that often were quite different than what was featured on their site...

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Reproduction companies such as Alphaville assure you that they offer near-identical classics compared to licensed versions, but how often are they featured on a site only to be bait-and-switched when it finally arrives? This has been my problem having both a strong appreciation for the classics and not having enough cash for my local DWR. Perhaps some of you have a better history with this.

Does anyone have any insight on this particular issue?



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