Good Questions: Input for ClickChick's Living Room?

Good Questions: Input for ClickChick's Living Room?

Heather Blaha
Jun 28, 2007

Hello ATers!

I m working on my living room and need some input.
I need to be frugal but I m going to work on creating the room in my style. (Thanks to AT I now know that I like clean lines, and modern or mid-century style!!) So the couch and rug are going to go. In the past, I collected bits as I needed them (and could afford them) so I have a bit of a hodgepodge of furniture.

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The credenza is the first purchase in the direction I'm headed. I love it! I'll also keep the braided grass chair. Next I'm looking at this sofa/bed to accommodate overnight guests. It's Lifestyle Solutions "Roxbury". Does anyone have any experience with their furniture? Good, bad or ugly?

Once the furniture is in place, the rug you see here will be replaced with a chocolate brown loopy shag. But what size do I need? The rug pictured is 5.5 x 7.5.

The space is 12.5 ft wide x 8.5 to the end of the short wall/credenza wall. (The room is shared with the dining room.) I'm thinking 8 x 10 or 8 x 8 ought to do it. Should the rug meet the credenza and the sofa? Should it anchor under one or both? I don t want to cover the whole floor.

I like, as Maxwell suggests, furniture with legs that are easy to sweep under. I'm afraid setting the furniture on the rug would limit the ease of cleaning. (The credenza is HEAVY!)

Since I'm starting with the cream/tan sofa and a chocolate rug, I'd like to punch up the rest of my room with my favorite colors orange and green in art and accessories. So what on earth do I paint my walls? The contractor beige or putty color that's there now has to go because a beige sofa will just blend into the wall. (I know from experience concerning a beige slipcover!)

I'm considering Sherwin Williams "Blonde". (It's a bit warmer and has a nice glow as compared to the Putty color - without screaming YELLOW!) But will that be too much with orange and green and brown? And the paint in my office is PPG Rum Raisin 230-7, so I want to complement that. I also like Lowe's Earth Elements Sand Drift if it's not too beige or too gray.

I've never been a fan of walls with a cluster of doors so I took one off to make an office in the closet. I'm wondering if I should paint the other door to match the wall in order to disguise it a bit.

So in short, these are my questions:
1) What size rug do I need?
2) Shall I paint the white door at the end of the LR to match my walls?
3) Color recommendations for my walls.

Am I headed in the right direction? Stop me before I do something I'll regret!




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