Good Questions: Low Cost iPod Dock

Good Questions: Low Cost iPod Dock

Jun 15, 2007

We noticed Anne's question over in the open thread, and thought it deserved some special attention. Anne asks, "Can someone recommend an iPod speaker/dock for under $50? Just something to have at the office, the volume will always be low, so it doesn't have to be great."

Well Anne, we are a bit stumped with this one. The simple, inexpensive solution would be to find a pair of cheap computer speakers that you like. You could have a dedicated solution at your desk and just plug the speakers into your iPod's headphone jack.

If you'd like something more stylish, there are also some speaker attachments on the market like Miglia's Microsound or Macally's portable stereo. These are both for the nano, however, so they may not work. We'd suggest investing the money in better speakers rather than a single-use iPod device. We just didn't find anything under $50 that looked like it was worth the money. But maybe there is someone out there that's found a great, cheap iPod dock. Help us out!

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