Good Questions: Green Carpeting?

Good Questions: Green Carpeting?

May 7, 2007


I'm looking for green/low-VOC carpeting. It can be wall-to-wall, floor rugs, or floor tiles (anything cheaper but as cool as Interface FLOR). The space requires about 2600 sq. ft. of material, and if not carpeting or cork....must muffle sound in some way.




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Local green stores we'd consider checking out in order to see samples include:
Eco Design Resources (San Carlos)
Eco Home Improvement (Berkeley)
Green Fusion Design Center (San Anselmo)
Greenspace (Santa Cruz)
Natural Home Products (Santa Rosa)

Then here are just a few online options:
Discover Flooring
Eco Friendly Flooring
Environmental Home Center
Green Floors
Maude Decor (We assume their canvas rugs could be customized with low-VOC paints and varnishes)

And, if you really want FLOR, we do see it for sale on Craigslist sometimes (we always add it to Scavenger). And we know that Eco Design Resources, for one, offers it at a discount from online prices.

Anyone else?

Image: Fedora by FLOR

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