Good Questions: Cheaper Vintage Shops?

Good Questions: Cheaper Vintage Shops?

May 10, 2007


I love flea markets and vintage/antique furniture. I've only been in San Francisco for nine months, and my boyfriend and I didn't have time to explore when we first came out. We're moving to a MUCH larger place in North Berkeley in the next few months, and I finally get to have some fun decorating. I've since found a few places that seem fun (Modern X-21, The Apartment, Swallowtail, Nest), but I know I can find stores in the area that are a little closer to my price point. CL is useful, but I miss actual brick and mortar places. Any favorites I should check out? Thanks!


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Our favorite places to find deals (other than CL, of course) are actually not brick and mortar, but the Alameda Antique Faire and San Mateo Antiques & Collectibles Market.

We've also written about several places that we'd recommend checking out:

Antique Society in Sebastopol
Janakos and Company in Burlingame
Muzzy's Attic in SF
The Other Shop in SF
Past Perfect in SF
Retro@Home in Emeryville

And we'll continue blogging good resources as we get to them. In the meantime, anyone have any other suggestions for Samantha?

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