Good Questions: Tilt-Top Table to Seat 4?

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Hello AT,

To conserve studio space, I'm looking for a tilt-top table that could seat 4. (The other option, not my first choice, is to align bar stools along the kitchen counter.) Any suggestions? The other hard-to-come by item is fitted sheets for a 5" foam mattress. What do you recommend?

Thanks! Liz

(Pic is from Craigslist)

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Dear Liz,

If you like Karim Rashid's designs, you won't be able to resist the new Flap Table, but it may cost a fortune. But then we think you may want a table that goes completely away, when not in use. True? Then we would recommend a Parisian cafe table, which can't be beat for price and foldability.

Other links:
Target's Tilt Top
Resin Tilt-top
Jamestown Tilt-top
Antique Tilt-top on Craigslist

Anyone else for Tilt-Top options?

As for the fitted sheet question, 5" is thin, so why is it that you have trouble finding sheets for this? A fitted sheet should wrap deeply under this mattress and pull tight across the top without a problem. Are we missing something?

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