Good Questions: Paint Color to Complement Sofa?

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Erica is looking for color ideas: Hi Everyone~ I am moving into a new flat, and I found this sofa. I am thinking of buying it. I'm just not sure what color to paint my living room to help show off the sofa. Any ideas? I've seen a lime green suggestion for a similar colored couch, I'm really not a fan of lime green unfortunately. Green is one of my favorite colors, just not the lime.

Thanks, Erica. Fun Sofa! We loved working on a colorful question on this dark are a few suggestions...

All paint colors used are Benjamin Moore:

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Bird's Egg

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Fresh Cut Grass

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Dior Gray

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Gentleman's Gray

Color minded readers, two ways to help: let us know which color choice above you like best AND please make your own suggestion(s) in the comments below...Thanks!

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Good Questions

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