Good Questions: Help me maximize this niche!

Good Questions: Help me maximize this niche!

Jun 1, 2007

Hey AT:SF, I recently bought a small 1bed/1bath condo in Oakland near the Caldecott Tunnel. In our entryway we have this display nook and can't seem to really figure out how to use it intelligently.

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Being that our place is already small, we want to maximize it, perhaps for storage, but have no idea how to go about it. Should we install some shelves? Just put a tall vase and some flowers and call it a day?

Any help with this for a design-challenged guy would be appreciated.


Hi Vic,

Boy did you come to the right place. We love weird niches here at AT:SF, and we've been collecting readers ideas for their imaginnative re-use. Here are all the links we have so far:

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Anyone have any other cool ideas for turning Vic's niche into a beautiful storage area?

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