Good Questions: Troubles Due to Fixed Rails on Gulliver?

Good Questions: Troubles Due to Fixed Rails on Gulliver?

Janel Laban
Mar 25, 2009

Erin sent us a question: Hi! I know lots of readers have the Ikea Gulliver crib, and think very highly of it. I wanted to know if its given anyone back problems because it is lower to the ground than other cribs and the side rails dont slide up and down?

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I like the look of the gulliver, and have heard that its just as good as other cribs out there, but when I saw it in the store it just looked so small! I tend to get back aches easily, and with my sons crib now (which we are thinking of replacing- it was a hand-me-down from a relative, has been taken apart and put together a few times so is suffering from a little damage) its always easier for me to get my son in and out by putting the rail down- and I noticed the Gulliver rail doesn't slide up and down.

Has this been an issue with anyone?

Please share any info or experiences with Erin in the comments below...thanks!

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