Good Questions: Similar Sofa, Smaller Budget?

Good Questions: Similar Sofa, Smaller Budget?

Janel Laban
Oct 31, 2007

Erica sent us an email: "I was wondering if you might have any suggestions where I could find a sofa similar to this in color and style for someone on a smaller budget? I thought it might look good across from my mid century orange sofa, unfortunately it's out of my price range. Any ideas?"

The Margaret sofa from Macy's came to mind. The style is less sharp and mid-c with its plumper seat cushions and chunkier feet, but the overall shape and color is pretty close.

The Margaret is much less expensive, currently on sale for $629., in comparison to the $1499. price tag on the Rochelle.

AT savvy shoppers, please add your sofa suggestions for Erica in the comments...

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