Good Questions: Modern beds with space for a box spring?

Good Questions: Modern beds with space for a box spring?

Jun 7, 2007

Hello AT:SF,

We purchased a mattress and box spring a few years ago that we love, but what we do not love is the lack of modern bed options for the mattress/box spring combo. We've searched from Room & Board to Crate and Barrel to DesignPublic.

Is it possible to find a non-platform, yet modern style bed that can take both a mattress and box spring?

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Background info: Our mattress and b.s. is from McRoskey - a 100 year old business in San Francisco. I even went back to them and asked if we could buy a platform bed and just use our mattress. They said, "Sure, you can, but it will feel like this..." And with that they actually had our mattress on a platform bed without the box spring just so people can feel the difference. It was horrible.

They also had no recommendations other than very traditional beds from Charles P. Rogers, Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, etc.

Of course, McRoskey does sell a very thin mattress that we could put under our mattress instead of using our box spring that would preserve the comfort. Cost? $2,500!

Any suggestions?

Thanks so much!

Image: McRoskey


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