Good Questions: Inexpensive Modern Planters?

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Cristopher has been on a search: "I have been trying for years to find a reliable source of inexpensive, modern planters and cachepots. I know Vessel reissued Architectural Pottery designs, but those aren't exactly inexpensive, and they aren't sized appropriately to be cachepots for today's planter sizes. Any suggestions as to where one could find pottery with clean, simple lines?"

"I thought you might have an answer, or, if you don't, that this would make a good open question to AT readers.

Many thanks, as always, and keep up the good work, Cristopher

Thanks Cristopher. The spot that came to mind for modern, simple planters that are priced well is Sprout Home. All the pieces pictured above are from Sprout and the price range shown is from $10 to under $60. Click here for the full online selection.

The planters are available on the website, but we always like a visit to the Sprout Home shop. (745 N. Damen Ave., Chicago and recently opened in Brooklyn at 44 Grand Street)

Anyone else have recommendations or sources for Cristopher? Let us know in the comments...

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Good Questions

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