Good Questions: Plastic Shower Liner Alternative?

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Audrey sent us a good question: "I appreciate your commitment to providing eco-friendly home-decorating solutions. I have a question...are there any eco-friendly alternatives to plastic shower liners? I need a new one, but I'm dreading the plastic-chemically smell that can't be doing anything good for me or the environment. I rent, so I'm stuck with having to use shower curtains."

There are plenty of reasons to not introduce a PVC liner into your bathroom - being hard to recycle and offgassing of unhealthy plasticizers among them.

We've used white nylon hotel-style curtains as liners (Restoration Hardware, $20) as a healthy alternative for years with no problems.

They are looooong-lasting, mildew restistant and super easy to keep clean and fresh - we simply throw them in the wash every so often and then rehang in place to let them dry.

Here are a few more AT Links that might be of interest:

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    Anyone have more suggestions/sources to share?

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