Good Questions: Is fixing this chair worth it?

Good Questions: Is fixing this chair worth it?

Jun 25, 2007

Hi AT:SF, The other night as I was walking home, I came across a lovely chair abandoned on a street corner. Granted, the right side was detached, but I quickly grabbed it and carried it a few blocks home. Once I got it inside, I realized that the otherwise easily fixable crack in the arm was missing a chunk of wood (pic below jump).

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I even went back in the daylight and looked for the piece, but no dice. Otherwise the chair is in good condition, with a nice shape and very pretty wood.

My question is whether it is worth taking to a furniture repair shop
for mending and perhaps re-covering the mustard vinyl seat. Is this
kind of thing fixable, at a reasonable price? If so, where should I take it, and what should I replace the seat fabric with? I'm considering taking it to Cow Hollow Woodworks for a quote, but I'll have to bum a ride from a friend, so I thought I'd ask here first. Or should the money be better spent on just buying a comparable chair?


Hi Rachel,

We like the chair a lot and think there's a great opportunity here to refurbish it into something really special by fixing the frame and using beautiful upholstery fabric to create a new seat cushion. If you're handy you can re-upholster the seat yourself for less than $50 in materials. (There are some suggestions for upholsterers and fabric sources here and here.)

Chairs in this design vein are easy to find for less than $100 on eBay and at flea markets and vintage furniture stores these days, although they will also have outdated upholstery. You'll ultimately have to make your decision about whether to invest in this chair based on how much you love it -- and on the quotes you receive for fixing the wooden frame.

Anyone else out there have thoughts or ideas on fixing Rachel's chair?

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