Good Questions: Showcasing a Curved Wall

Good Questions: Showcasing a Curved Wall

Jun 26, 2007


In my new condo I have this curved wall near the entry way that I think is pretty cute. I feel like there's something fun to do with it, but I just can't think of what. I'm going to be doing a good amount of work to the condo, including putting in hardwood floors. Do you have any good ideas about what to do with the wall? A mural? Hanging art? Does a wall like this make sense to paint as a accent wall?


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Dear Gayle,

That wall really is lovely and gives a bit of a Deco feel to your apartment. We wouldn't do anything to it that interrupts or obscures its lovely line, but we do like your idea of choosing an accent color for it. We'd go with something pale like a warm yellow, the better to help it bounce and amplify the light from the bedroom window on the wall opposite it.

Anyone else?

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