Good Questions: Suggestions for Landing Strip?

Good Questions: Suggestions for Landing Strip?

Heather Blaha
Oct 16, 2007

Dear AT,

I know you covered landing strips before, but hopefully you can take one more request. We want to ditch the old Bombay Company table that is currently in this corner, below, (drawer doesn't work, we don't like it, etc.) and replace it with something more modern and organization-friendly.

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As you can see, right now it doesn't serve much purpose at all. We don't need to hang coats in this corner (you can see the coat rack peeking out on the other side of the wall). But we would like to store the empty milk jugs, bags for the farmer's market, daily parking passes, maps and work bags in this corner. And perhaps if it was open on the bottom, we could drop our shoes there on a drying rack in the winter. I thought about this from CB2 (pictured above the jump), but I'm not quite sure it's right and the rest of our house uses natural steel. Any other ideas? The space is 14" x 30" and the light switch is 45 1/2" off the ground. Thanks, Katie

Dear Katie,

You are right! Other posts on landing strips include:
Showlola's Landing Strip
Tashjpg's Landing Strip

In general, we think a lower level surface is ideal. The shelving unit you selected from CB2 may be a bit tall (though the open sides could make it ideal for getting to lots of stuff). Our preference is a piece that will better conceal some of that stuff that we don't want to leave on top. We also love a good drawer. A few we found:

Chicago Side Table

Pedestal Table

Bisket Bath Cabinet (just forget about the name!)

Anyone else??

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