Good Questions: Pillow Color to Complement Sofa?

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Julien sent us an email: I'm trying to get my apartment into working order, really turn it into a place I love coming home to. I recently bought a couch I love in that vintage green/pear color and wanted to add some accent color.

Unfortunately, I'm terrible at matching colors, so I'm not sure whether to trust my instinct and get orange pillows for it. Everyone tells me to go with brown, but I really want to go with a bolder color choice... Am I crazy?

Not at all - no need to go for brown! Going for a bold hue will energize the pear color of the sofa (which we like very much by the way). That said, we're not sure about orange. Here's why - we feel like the pear upholstery is better suited by a color with cooler undertones rather than warm.

Here are a few combos we like:

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A true red. Pillow by Thomas Paul.

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A bright turquoise. Pillow by Agnes and Hoss.

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A blue-grey. Pillow by Thomas Paul.

Time for the readers to weigh in...please comment below with your ideas and suggestions for Julien.

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