Good Questions: High Chair Covers

Good Questions: High Chair Covers

Apr 27, 2007

Hilary sent us an email: "Have any ideas for replacement high chair pads/covers? I'm not whippy enough to make my own, and I don't want to pay a fortune for a new chair."

Good question. And hard to answer! It looks to us like a lot of manufacturers make replacement covers for their chairs. Some, like Svan and Stokke just sell them independently of their chairs. But what to do if you have a chair that has the cover/pad attached?

There seems to be a whole industry devoted strictly to high chair covers...who knew! This one works with a variety of different high chairs, and the company that makes them makes them in 3 different sizes, which seems to cover a pretty wide range of chairs. the Messeez website has a lot more color options.

Personally, we are surprised there isn't a whole category on Etsy devoted to this. Looks like an untapped market, to us. Readers, what do you think - anyone got a great resource for a high chair pad/cover?

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