Good Questions: Nightstands to Match the Dresser?

Good Questions: Nightstands to Match the Dresser?

Janel Laban
Oct 24, 2007

Sara sent us an (urgent!) email about whether or not she will regret NOT buying the matching nightstands to go along with the Copenhagen dresser she has picked out. Her dilemma is outlined in detail below the jump...what do you think?


I've recently moved to a studio and have been furnishing my own place for the first time. I've tried to invest in some good furniture that will stay with me a long time. I've picked out a dresser from room and board (pic attached) but can't decide what to do about nightstands. I hate the super matchy bedroom set look and like the more eclectic mismatched nightstands you see designers do these days. However, my parents are convinced I will forever regret not buying the matching nightstands to the dresser? Will I forever harbor regret for not buying them, or will I regret missing the opportunity to introduce some different personality into my bedroom if I do order them? Or is that perfectly eclectic and character-rich pairing of nightstands elusive and I'm better of with the safe and easy symmetry?

In briefer words, what's the scoop on nightstands?

- Studio stumped sara
P.S. your wise advisement would be appreciated the sooner the better!
I've got to tell room and board quick if I want/don't want the

Please vote above and share any wisdom you have for Sara below in the comments...

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