Good Questions: Wireless Speakers

Good Questions: Wireless Speakers

Mar 9, 2007

Dear AT: Home Tech,

Since speaker wires are unsightly, but having a home theater (even a small one) is well worth the money, I was wondering if there are any moderately priced wireless adapters for the speakers. I am not sure if these things exist but would like it to hook up the surround sound and front speakers.


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Dear Kristen,

We know that wireless speakers exist, in fact this Acoustic Research wireless home theater system for $799 has been getting quite a buzz around the blogosphere. However, our guess is that you are happy with what you have, and not looking into a system upgrade. So we did a little sleuthing and discovered that add-on units do exist. There seem to be quite a few options that use our existing electrical wiring to transmit audio. We haven't tried it yet. Anyone out there recommend these add-on units or do you have a better solution?

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