Good Questions: Mid C Upholstery & Restoration?

Good Questions: Mid C Upholstery & Restoration?

Janel Laban
Nov 2, 2007

We got an email from Patrick: We have a fantastic 50's original vintage Knoll daybed-ish sofa (the back is firmly in place but the seat part of it actually slides up and then out about 6 inches to turn it into a kinda sleeper) that needs new fabric and also needs to re-cushioned. I found one example of the sofa online that sold in auction for quite a lot so we're looking at it kinda like an investment we can enjoy.

We are planning on buying the fabric from Knoll (that's easy) but want someone who can restore it as close to original as possible, or I guess someone who has dealt with true mid-century pieces? So any one out there have a recommendation for us?

Patrick, good luck with the project! This might be a good place to start: At the Converso Modern warehouse sale, we picked up a card for Comfort Upholstery (773.523-6666), run by David Arevalo. His card features mid-c classics and the site states "Comfort Upholstery offers a unique approach to classic mid century modern furniture design. Contact us about our renovation and custom work.".

Please send us before and afters!

Anyone else have an upholstery source or suggestion to share?

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