Good Questions: New Lighting Without Rewiring

Good Questions: New Lighting Without Rewiring

Mar 23, 2007

Dear AT: Home Tech,

I desperately need some help finding a light fixture for my little dining alcove that doesn't require re-wiring! What used to cover the light bulb was a large plastic globe that broke today when I was changing the bulb (no big loss there). I'm hoping to find something easy to install that could simply fit over the light bulb and add something fun to the room.. any ideas?


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Dear Jennifer,
We have had the same problem, and found an inexpensive solution. A quick trip to your hardware store to purchase a light socket adapter will allow you to update your lighting with very little effort.

We installed a pendant light into our recessed lighting fixture, using one of these simple screw in adapters that allowed us to plug in IKEA's Knappa pendant lamp into the light socket rather than a light bulb. This may not work perfectly with your set up, so we're throwing this out there for our readers who we hope can share some more ideas for other creative solutions.

Thanks for your question!

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