Good Questions: What to Do with Faux Wood Column?

Good Questions: What to Do with Faux Wood Column?

Heather Blaha
Nov 20, 2007

Dear AT, We're in the process of replacing railings in our townhouse with custom bookcases (kudos to Dad the carpenter!), and before we can measure and build the second bookcase (on the dining room side), we have to decide what to do with the column that contains ductwork and pipes for upstairs...

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Currently, it's clad in a very thin faux-wood veneer, and to our eyes it just screams out for replacement as it clashes with the rest of the wood in the house. We've kept the rest of the house very true to its mid-century roots, so we'd like to replace the paneling with something that fits with that decor. We've contemplated brick veneer and dark cork tiles, but we're stuck. What do you think we should do? C & R

Dear C & R, We really like your idea of dark cork tiles (shown below, cork wall tiles from Globus Cork), which you can install in a brick or grid pattern. What do AT-ers think? Other suggestions?

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