Good Questions: Which Bedding To Buy?

Good Questions: Which Bedding To Buy?

Janel Laban
Nov 29, 2007

Jen's looking for some shopping advice: I've been reading AT for quite a while, but I lurk no more. I recently moved into a standard suburban apartment (re: very boxy, white and beige). I also upgraded from a twin sized bed to a queen sized bed, thus I have no bed linens that fit beyond basic white sheets.

I'm excited to dress my bed, but I can't decide how to go about it. I have the typical first-time renters' issues: tight budget (IKEA, Target and major bargains), unable to change the wall color from cream to anything else, etc. As if that's not enough challenge, I'm slightly color-blind. No, really; red-green...

I had originally thought of going with a simple dove gray duvet and accenting with light turquoise/sky blue and sunny yellow.

Unfortunately, I'd been anticipating my bed being closer to black than it is and gray is going to clash horribly with my bed color (shown in the small swatch in the corner of the photo).

Since the bedding itself is going to be my most expensive investment, I want to stick to something pretty versatile that I keep even if I change my mind about color scheme. I like solid colors and simple, graphic patterns. I want to stick with a combed cotton feel for my top layer. I bought these great Russian posters on my recent trip to Ivanovo and Moscow that I want to incorporate. I really hope that somebody out there can make sense of all this, because I'm not having much luck. I've been keeping an ideas blog that might offer a further peek into my style.

Quick facts about me that may prove insightful:
zoologist working in a chemical company product support call center
speak English, Spanish and Russian
love to travel
love to read
quirky and eclectic

Please help, AT!

Our first thought for a color that would go with both the dark wood of the bed frame, the white/cream colored walls and the Russian poster was navy blue - especially paired with white. We'd suggest patterned sheets mixed with a duvet cover or matelasse quilt in a solid accent color, so you can switch out the accent seasonally or when you need a change. We went on a search for well priced, quality sheets that have the graphic pattern that you said you would like...

We found the Jonathan Adler "Hollywood" sheet set (shown above and left) on sale for $119 (with free shipping!) from It includes top and fitted sheets and two pillowcases in 300 thread count cotton - and while it's a bit too much with the matching duvet, the pattern on its own is nice.

These sheets would work with lots of warm colored solids for the duvet cover or quilt - from the bright yellow you mentioned to golds, reds, pinks or oranges.

That's just one idea - calling AT design brains! Can you help out with more bedding suggestions?

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