Good Questions: Art for Dining Room Wall?

Good Questions: Art for Dining Room Wall?

Heather Blaha
Feb 26, 2008

Hi Apartment Therapy,

I need some help. After moving to Evanston for grad school, I took the
opportunity to shed my undergrad furniture and start from scratch to put
together a beautiful place to live in. I went for a contemporary look, with
a color palette of deep chocolate brown, khaki, and dark red...

Most of the apartment is getting there, but I am stuck in the dining room
(shown in the attached photo). My boyfriend and I painted an accent wall
chocolate brown, and the rest khaki. We bought a beautiful dining set, and
now have a bar corner as well (not actually in the photo, but it is on the
right side, to the right of the doorway). But I can't find something to put
on the wall behind the dining set.

This wall is really the major focal point
of the apartment, which has a fairly open floor plan. I'd like something
dramatic, and preferably something with red in it to tie together with the
adjacent rooms.

The problem is that it's a big space, and I'm on a small
budget- maybe $200 max. I've already looked at Pier 1, Ikea and all the CB2
Marimekko wall hangings (actually have the Tuuli one in the entryway), and I
haven't found anything. I am hoping that Apartment Therapy readers will have
some advice for me!

Thanks in advance!


Readers, lend your artful eye to Lisa...

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