Good Questions: Is Memory Foam Good for Sex?

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Hello AT,

I have a question that no one has asked, but which seems really obvious to me. Is sex any good on a memory foam mattress?

I have been looking at memory foam mattresses (and i read the whole thread on Friday), but - having tried them in the shop - I don't really like the squishy feeling they provide. I really like a bed with a little more firmness, especially when I am having sex. I like to get some leverage when I'm having a romp. I don't want to feel like I'm drowning in quicksand. Will memory foam work for me or will i be dissappointed?

Thanks, Not-so Desperate

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Dear Not-so,

Hmmmmmmmmmm. Not having one of these ourself, we leave this to others who have. You have a good point, however, what is good for sleeping isn't necessarily good for sexplay.


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