Good Questions: When Should I Tell?

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Hello AT,

My boyfriend and I have decided to get a place in the city together - when my lease is up in July. My current roommate is a good friend of mine, and we love our apartment in the East Village - the living situation is wonderful, it is spacious, rent-controlled, etc - and I know she will be hurt it is coming to an end.

As a friend, since I already know this is happening - should I tell her sooner (as in over the next few weeks) or later that I am moving out. I feel a little nervous about this, because she has been very unhappy lately about being single.

Thanks, M. (Pic: Moving Out, Moving On)

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Dear M.,


Since you are not moving your roommate out to move your boyfriend in, you aren't being a villian. It may be hard, but your roommate can stay in the apartment, find another roommate and even choose the best room, which is important for stablility. For all of this to go smoothly, however, we would say tell her/him sooner rather than later. You'd be a better friend if you do.

Anyone else??

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