Good Questions: Old Radiator Resources?

Good Questions: Old Radiator Resources?

Maxwell Ryan
Feb 22, 2006

Hello AT,

I just bought a new apartment in Manhattan and the radiator is missing. I have thought of everything and everyone to ask, and no one seems to install or sell old radiators. Do you know what to do, or who to call?

Thanks, trevor o.


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Dear Trevor,

What an interesting question. We would have thought that there were many places to get old radiators, but you may be right that they get tossed so quickly that no one holds on to them. The place to look - we think - would be Brooklyn, where everyone is trying to refurbish their old houses and stick with vintage supplies. Here are our top links in that direction. Use the key words "cast iron radiators" as well as "radiators" when searching.

  • Brownstoner
  • Build It Green! Salvage Resource
  • Craigslist has a bunch
  • OldHouse - this is mecca.
  • Even Image Googling will yield good links

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