Good Questions: Baby Registry

Good Questions: Baby Registry

May 4, 2007

Meredith wrote to ask: My partner and I have been out to do the whole 'baby registry' thing for the past 3 weekends, and so far, all we have registered for is a sippy cup and some bibs.

I have registry paralysis! Every time I go to put something on my registry, I either balk because it is too expensive or because I am worried that I am registering for the wrong things. Please help - this is my first baby, and I am not really sure what to register for. We have nothing for the nursery. No furniture, no clothes, no toys. We are starting from scratch!

Well, the good news is, unless you are registering for bottles of Hardy's Shiraz and a Maserati, you probably won't register for the 'wrong' things. However, we have a few ideas about where to start, and hopefully our awesome AT:Nursery readers will chime in via the comments.

Starting from scratch is daunting, which is why we are big fans of the Style Tray. If you have read apartment therapy: the eight-step home cure, you are probably already familiar with the concept, but the general idea is, start with a tray (or a file), and put in it things that you like and pictures that inspire you. Don't limit yourself to just 'baby' stuff, either - you can find inspiration anywhere. Over time, patterns emerge - colors you like, textures you like, patterns that appeal to you. That is where you start.

Online registering can take some of the pressure off, and you can do it with your style tray next to you. Registering for bedding? Look at the colors that ended up in your style tray and use them to guide your choice. If you decide to register for a crib, look at the finishes on the furniture in your style tray, and the shape of them. Let that guide your nursery furniture choice.

Remember to breathe - this is supposed to be fun! But if you aren't ready to register yet, take the time to relax and then come back to it. In the meantime, Nursery readers, how did you decide what to register for?

(Note: Include a pic of your problem and your question gets posted first. Email questions and pics with QUESTIONS in subject line to: nursery(at)apartmenttherapy(dot)com)

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