Flickr Finds: Zooromancer's "Found" Coffee Table

Flickr Finds: Zooromancer's "Found" Coffee Table

Oct 30, 2007

Zooromancer has a knack for scavenging. She writes: The acrylic cover from an architectural model makes a great coffee table. The boss usually reuses these, but there are no models coming down the pipeline that will have a square base, so he gave the acrylic away rather than have it take up space at the office. Lucky me. Take a look below the jump to see another photo, and more finds.

In preparing for a party, it was impossible to ignore that my apartment is set up to be inhabited by a single person, and there were no comfortable nodes of congregation for multiple human beings. A quick rearrange was in order. The slipper chair came from Goodwill ($36!), the acrylic table was free, and the loveseat I've been hauling around since Oak Island. In the corner you can see a Craigslist dresser in progress.

Thanks, Zooromancer!

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Flickr Finds: Zooromancer's Table

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