Good Questions: Arc Lamps?

Good Questions: Arc Lamps?

Nov 6, 2007

Dear Apartment Therapy,

The main room in my condo lacks proper lighting and I am considering an arc lamp that can swivel to hang above the dining table or above the living area, depending on what is needed. (The arc lamp would sit where the floor lamp is currently positioned in the photos)...

I'm not sure which of three arc lamps would look best, or whether an arc lamp would look good at all, or whether it is a good idea to have a lamp that alternates between two spaces...

I've tried regular floor lamps, and they don't light the middle of the living room (or middle of the dining table) enough. Also, our ceilings are concrete so there is no way to use a pendant lamp above the dining table.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



We're reminded of David's apartment (see it here: David's Work in Progress). We recently caught it again on Small Space Big Style. He has a lamp that alternates between spaces, and it looks great.

(We also thought of Robyn's apartment (Robyn's Downtown Dreamy). She has a beautiful Prouve Potence wall lamp that alternates between spaces, although it wouldn't really work in your condo.)

Our choice would be one of those lamps, or the classic Arco Lamp.

Anyone else?

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